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Thank you for purchasing a Riviera Doorwall. This guide is intended to help you install your unit in a manner that will provide smooth, trouble free operation. Each installation is unique but this guide will address most situations. If you are unsure you are able to install this unit properly, please consult a professional contractor for your installation.


(If you have received your unit with frame assembled, disregard this section)

  1. In an area cleared on the jobsite, arrange the frame head, sill track and frame legs so the machined areas at each corner align. Holes have been predrilled for the assembly screws provided.
  2. At the sill, apply the self adhesive seal pads between the sill and frame legs.
  3. Screw frame together at each corner with screws provided.


  1. The floor MUST be level for the entire width of the opening.
  2. Provide sill flashing or pan system to prevent water infiltration below sill.
  3. Stand assembled frame into opening. (See Photo Below) It is critical that the frame be square and plumb in opening or the door panels may not operate properly, potentially necessitating removal of the panels to square up the frame.
  4. Contruction
  5. Check sill is level and straight. There should be no undulations in the sill or the door panels may not operate properly, potentially necessitating removal of the panels to level the sill. Shim as needed.
    (See Photos Below).
  6. constructionconstruction
  7. Measure diagonally (see Photo below) to verify equal measurements indicating square frame. If both diagonal measurements are equal, your frame is square. Shim frame as needed to achieve square.
  8. construction
  9. Shim frame legs until plumb. Screw through legs into framing approx every 2 ft. with rust resistant screws.
  10. construction
  11. Remove screws in head track one at a time and replace with 3 1/4" screws provided securing head track to header above door.
  12. construction
  13. Use a taute string stretched the entire width of the top of the unit. Check that head track is perfectly staight. Turn the screws in in the head track to adjust head track to align with string. (See Photo Below)
  14. construction


  1. All panels will have a label affixed indicating the location of the panel in the frame and are predrilled for all hinges ,roller carriers and lower track guides.
  2. Install panels in numerical order using hardware in lettered boxes corresponding with the lettered locations shown on the label diagram.
  3. Install panel # 1 on the lower pivot pin installed at corner of sill track. (See Photos Below).
  4. constructionconstructionconstruction
  5. Tilt door # 1 up to the upper pivot and fasten upper pivot to door panel. This may require levering the panel up until the predrilled holes align with the pivot. When door is installed. use the upper and lower adjusting screws to plumb the panel in the opening. (See Photos Below)
  6. constructionconstructionconstruction
  7. Install hinges from the appropriately lettered hardware box to the side of panel #1 with screws provided. Install lower track guide to corner of panel # 2. (See Photo Below).
  8. constructionconstruction
  9. Insert panel #2's lower track guide into lower track and tip up to the first roller hinge in the head track. Align holes in roller hinge with predrilled holes in the edge of panel #2 and fasten with screws provided.
  10. construction
  11. Slide panel #2 parrallel with panel #1 and join with the hinges previously affixed to panel #1.
  12. construction
  13. Unfold doors into the closed position and check adjustments. The roller hnge can be adjusted up or down as needed to keep the top of the door panels parallel with the head track. Adjust as needed.
  14. construction
  15. Continue installing panels in numerical order repeating the procedures previously described.
  16. When all panels have been installed, check for smooth operation. Adjust as needed to insure gaps between door panels and door frame are even.
  17. Install head and foot bolts in machined areas of panels. (See Photos Below).
  18. constructionconstruction
  19. If your unit includes a swinging access door and you have ordered the optional locksets or multipoint hardware, install the lock handlesets and strike plates.


You have now completed the installation of your Riviera Doorwall. General maintainance such as regular cleaning of upper and lower tracks and occassional light lubrication of your rollers will keep your Riviera Doorwall operating smoothly for years to come.


We recommend the following regular maintenance measures to ensure a lasting finish life and proper operation of our products.

Remove contaminants from track surfaces by using a damp cloth and mild detergent. Dry with clean cloth. Spread a small amount of clear petroleum jelly or comparable lubricating solution. Pass carrier wheel through the lubricant, distributing it evenly along the track. Apply lubricant to bearings. For harsh environments, apply a thin film of WD40®. Ensure that bottom guide channel is always kept free of debris.

Using a soft rag, wipe exposed surface with warm soapy water. Rinse clean before applying surface protectorants. Spray and light wipe with a dry cloth, a application of WD40® on all hangers, pivots, brackets and hinges. Avoid allowing lubricants to make contact with wood, as they may cause staining. Extra care should be taken when cleaning or re-applying surface protectorants.

Spray the sliding pin inside the drop bolt and the lock cylinder (if applicable) with WD40®. Access holes or slots on the drop bolts allow this lubrication without having to take the locks off the doors.

Clean exposed surface with mild detergent soap and water. Repair chips and scratches immediately, so they are not exposed to the elements.

All wood component parts and finished must be inspected on a yearly basis for damage resulting from exposure to the elements, and repaired immediately.

Our wood products are unfinished at the time of installation. They should be protected from water contact, dampness and humidity by being finished on both tops and bottoms— interior and/or exterior—with a quality sealant or paint within seven (7) days of delivery to the project site, in concurrence with normal industry finishing standards. Use only the highest quality sealing and paint products to best protect against the elements. Avoid applying any coating to weather stripping, hardware, aluminum or glass surfaces. Remove all weatherstripping, handles, drop bolts and any locking hardware prior to finishing. Protect all hinges and top/bottom pivots from any sealant or paint. Use extreme caution so as to avoid any coarse materials (e.g. stucco, concrete) from coming in contact with any part of the Riviera system. Coarse materials can do severe damage to glass surfaces in addition to frames and door panels.

The above procedures must be facilitated as often as is necessary to prevent deterioration in the installed project. However, we recommend the following for minimal frequency of maintenance: General environments: Every 6 moths. Marine, industrial or corrosive environments: Every 3 months.


This express limited warranty is effective for product provided by Riviera Doorwalls, LLC ("Riviera") and extends to all original end users and is not transferable.

Subject to the conditions, exclusions and limitations of this warranty, Riviera warrants the components of our products as follows:

Riviera warrants that its product shall be free from defects in materials or workmanship for ten (10) years following date of original purchase by the first end user. In the event the product fails to conform to the express warranties described herein during the first ten (10) years after the date of purchase, original end user’s sole and exclusive remedy is that Riviera will, at Riviera’s sole option and discretion, either repair or provide replacement product, part or parts for any defective product or part thereof, or refund the original purchase price of the defective product or part thereof.

Riviera will not be liable for, and none of the above warranty applies to or covers problems, costs or losses caused by, arising from, or related to any of the following:

  1. Improper finishing of all surfaces of door panels and frame; delay of more than seven (7) days in finishing product or exposure to weather; natural weathering of surfaces or variations in the color or texture of the wood and aluminum cladding or finish.
  2. Warp which does not exceed 1/4" in the panel of the door panel itself, or any warp on a door panel 42" wide or wider and/or 96" tall or taller.
  3. Normal wear and tear, including wear and tear to weatherstripping; natural weathering of surfaces or variations in the color or texture of the wood.
  4. Improper installation, including failure to follow Riviera’s installation guidelines and/or failure to install in conformance with accepted construction practices or applicable building codes.
  5. Glass breakage or seal failure at locations above 3,000 feet above sea level, if product is not ordered with breather or capillary tube system.
  6. Excessive humidity, condensation or frost on exposed surfaces.
  7. Any damage resulting from any accident, abuse, misuse, on-site construction, alteration of any product, shattering due to heat build-up, or any cause beyond the control of Riviera.
  8. Damage resulting from delivery by someone other than Riviera or Riviera’s contracted delivery vehicle.
  9. Hardware or locksets not provided by Riviera.
  10. Damage caused by the external environment in which the products are situated.
  11. Failure to follow the recommended installation and maintenance procedures outlined herein.
  12. Costs for labor, installation, removal or finishing of the replacement door or component.

Notice is required within ninety (90) days of the discovery of the problem. Riviera may disallow any claims otherwise covered by this warranty if not advised from original end user within the warranty period and within ninety (90) days of the date of the product problem first became known, or should have been known. The notice of claim must include the following information:

  1. The original end user’s name, address, telephone number
  2. A description of the product in question, along with proof of original purchase
  3. A description of the defect and the date of first discovery of the claimed defect.

Mail the claim to:
Riviera Doorwalls, LLC
335 Broadway
Long Branch, NJ 07740


Email the claim to:

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